Monday, March 26, 2007

Eleven years young!

A great weekend was had by both Gddtrs, their folks, and a special friend who was also turning eleven! The two princesses (theme of the celebration) had a blast with a pinata, enjoyed the requested-spaghetti dinner plus a crown cake, and fairly DANCED through the weekend! A huge thank you to M for asking us to host the occasion. We love you! Shout-outs to E for winning FIRST at the vball tourney, and good luck at State next weekend. We're so lucky to have you for friends ...

Don't try this at home

Alternative title: IF I HAD A HAMMER

Bottom line is the stove/oven is cleaner than it's ever been. Note to self: "no need to take apart the bleepin' door to do this next time." And yes, I really did use the hammer (with a shim) to get it back together. Duh.