Friday, December 29, 2006

Movie Nite

Awesome screenings of these two gems, at Casa Sanborn last eve.

Unbreakable was fantastic: Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson, and Robin Wright Penn. I loved The Sixth Sense, just liked Signs, and thought The Village was pretty good. But THIS is amazing. Not as obvious. But definitely good vs. evil. Bruce as a reluctant hero is really well done.

Spider-Man was a perfect second choice, continuing the "those with power have a responsibility to use that power for good," theme. I actually never expected to like this movie (well, yeah, I was a bit nervous about all the web-swinging through cityscape), but I did did did. The only thing that went against the grain--that upside-down kiss-in-the-rain is supposed to be the best movie kiss of the year. NOT! Otherwise I totally believed their attraction for each other, and their place in the world. Now I can continue to Spider-Man 2!

Thanks for a great school-nite event!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Freelance Finished

In the midst of the holiday blitz I also got Sam's lampshade painted (to match his Looney Tunes wall border), and Carol's granddaughter's dollhouse base.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Actual Thank

Yes, we did actually have THE Thanksgiving Feast. And it was graced by Aunt Nancy and Uncle Pat. Mindy debuted her carving skills, and we had quite the pie buffet (even one that was edible, despite the forgotten ingredient of ... sugar!).

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Ep: Three

Here we have yet another family feast...thanks to Brandon and mostly Diana! Suffice it to say, this was so good that several family members have partaken of leftovers for BREAKFAST! Dad also provided yet another of the reknowned Fred-Salads.

Note the exquisite tablescape of artichoke and eggplant tealight-candle-holders!

Episode: Two

Alrighty then, here's the gist of our daily format:
- someone provides a group activity or performance
- another soul creates an evening feast
- many one-liners are recorded in "The Purple Book"

Throughout the day, these items are graded, culminating in an end-of-day voting process for stars (gold, of course, reigns supreme)

Detailing our menu @ Chez Mindy:
- Roast Beast au Dill over Sourdough Briquettes
- Fred's Famous Festive Flora Fontaine (sans fauna) aka Dad's superb salade
- Dill Antipasto
- Cherry Nut Vanilla Surprise
Yeah...she got lots of gold stars!

I've captured this particular day with an app that you can grab for a 30-day trial.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

First full day in Oz

One of the coolest things to see is Fiona and Gramps interacting. Think Fiona thinks it's cool too?! But seriously -- it is very cool.

Monday's Dinner by Lisa

Menu: OZ...Asian Style
- Crunchy Asian Slaw
- Grilled Glazed Chicken Breastlets
- Saut├ęd Pork Dumplings
- Gourmet Fortune Cookies (yep, these babies were homemade with custom handmade fortunes
UPDATE: A couple more photos added courtesy of B & D

Monday, November 20, 2006

P.E. requirement

Coach led us out for mandatory P.E. at 9:45 a.m. Wow this place is full of hills. Feel the burn, Jane Fonda! There's no shoulders on the roads, and cars swing around the curves upwards of 35mph, so we were prepared to SCRAM to the ditches. A sheriff drove by, and then slowed and backed up. He asked if we were OK -- umm, since we (OK, well, Mom) were picking up trash in the ditch, we think he thought we were homeless. Hee.

First eve

Well, after much trial and many tribulations, all the family arrived in the same space, except for Stevie -- who had to drive back to Ames for a partial week of work. And Opie, who went with him. Lamberts in Springfield was our dinner destination, and we all chowed royally. Mindy caught all our rolls except two. Hee!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Reveal

Well, Mom and Dad have seen it now, so I can show the world ... ta da! I made a sizeable donation to Locks For Love! And I feel like a NEW person. And 10 lbs. lighter. Whew!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Big News

Paco ... deconstructed

Here is the REAL Paco, just so y'all know we're not kooky.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Extended Halloween

Woo hoo! We were so honored to be invited to Erin's Halloween costume party, and was it ever a BLAST! Silly me, however, never imagined we have already entered the boy-girl party-zone (duh, they're teenagers), so the prizes I brought for best costume were embaressingly girlie. The boys were all great sports about it, though (especially Mullet-Boy, who we both--separately--mistook for a girl). Steve's Paco costume was a HUGE hit, and he was a trooper for wearing it (all of 10 minutes). Robin's got better pix, so I'll probably replace mine a bit later. Thanks again, Erin!

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Testing beta

Same bat channel, different bat year.